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Santa Fe County Clerk Katharine Clark took office in 2021. With extensive experience in managing organizations and events, she hit the ground running, modernizing election process and improving voter experience. After just her first two years in office, the Santa Fe County Clerk’s office is the most decorated Clerk’s office in New Mexico and has been honored by the Election Assistance Commission twice and won three National Association of Counties awards. Santa Fe County continues to lead in posting election results quickly and is the highest turnout county among large New Mexico counties. Clerk Clark has been a fierce supporter of voter protection legislation testifying on behalf of several pieces of legislation in New Mexico. She was also recently honored to be the only local election official across the US invited to the America Votes summit in DC. 


In the records and recording department, Clerk Clark has overseen the scanning and redacting of 480,000 documents during her tenure, completing more than 50% of the digitization project that has been ongoing since 2004. Her office recently launched an online purchasing portal so that constituents can purchase public real estate documents with the convenience of a credit card at home. Public research computers have also been moved to be fully accessible in the Clerk’s office foyer, making accessibility a priority. Also as the ex-officio probate clerk, Clerk Clark has ensured that probates are signed and filed within 48 hours of the judges signature, down from 4 months when she took office. 


Hailing from a military family and as a former union organizer and small business owner, Clark believes strongly in public service and defending and protecting efficient and fair elections. She holds an MBA from the University of New Mexico in Human Resources and Public Policy, an essential operations degree that Clerk Clark says that she “uses every day.” Clerk Clark also has a strong STEM background with a Cognitive Neuroscience and Moral Psychology dual bachelor’s from University of California, Berkeley.

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