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Joe Loewy, Eldorado

Letter to the Editor, SF New Mexican March 17, 2024

Hats off to Santa Fe County Clerk Katharine Clark and her staff for the smoothest filing day ever.

Everything was so organized. There were signs designating filing day free parking, stations in the county administrative office for candidates to provide required paperwork and signed petitions, available notary public, and even a station for photo ops with the U.S. and New Mexico flags. In addition to the clerk's office window for filing, backup staffers were available, monitoring candidates and their supporters so that the line never exceeded two candidates at any time. We are so fortunate to have such a youthful, organized, technology-oriented clerk supported by staff who so obviously enjoyed providing this valuable public service.


County Commissioner Hank Hughes, Commission Chair

It's been a pleasure to work with someone as accomplished and forward thinking as County Clerk Katharine Clark. The improvements she has made have enriched and supported our constituents' ability to participate in elections. I am extremely proud that under Katharine's leadership, the Santa Fe County Clerk's office has twice been honored by the Federal Election Assistance Commission for election best practices.


County Commissioner Anna Hamilton

During her tenure as Santa Fe County Clerk, Katharine Clark has been forward thinking and diligent in
modernizing operations in the Clerk’s office, improving the efficiency and transparency of elections, and
maximizing the ease of voting. I place a high value on and appreciate these priorities.

Reena Szczepanski_edited.png

Representative Reena Szczepanski, District 47, Majority Whip

Katharine Clark, our current Santa Fe Clerk, made customer service one of her top priorities – and it shows.  The election website she designed is not just user-friendly; it's a testament to her dedication to serving the community. She’s taken a complicated topic and made it easy to navigate.  Members of our community also report a wonderful experience when they visit her office in person.  Democracy should be accessible and secure for all voters and the Clerk’s office serves a central role. Thank you to our County Clerk for setting a high standard for accessibility and customer service!


Former City Councilor, Renee Villarreal

As a former City Councilor, one of the democratic values I cherish is fair and safe access to voting. This is one of the reasons why I support the reelection of Katharine Clark. During the time that she has served as County Clerk, I have appreciated that she has taken voting access seriously, and has made voting easy and safe. I was particularly impressed by the way she handled elections and voting access during the height of the Covid pandemic. She and her staff took the health precautions seriously, and increased voting locations and options to make sure that voters felt safe, while being able to exercise their right to vote. I look forward to Katharine continuing to support fair and safe access to voting! 

patti outdoors_edited.png

Former City Councilor Patti J. Bushee

On June 4th, we have the opportunity to re-elect one of our best and brightest elected officials. In one term, Katharine Clark has delivered an accessible, efficient, modernized, transparent and user-friendly County Clerk’s Office. She deserves our support. Keep Katharine Clark as County Clerk!

Recently the unexpected death of a very close family member resulted in my being thrust into the probate process. I expected it to be lengthy, complicated, and intrusive. However, I found the step-by-step process on the SF County Website easy to find, understand and follow. In addition, all communication from the Clerk’s office was timely and empathetic. My paperwork was complete and ready for pick up in less than 48 hours.

Mrs. B.R. Levin

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