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Proud of My Leadership

My team and I have made great strides in voting efficiency and voter confidence.

Together we have:

  • worked to ensure inclusivity to engage differently-abled voters, tribal communities, high school students reaching voting age, and senior citizens. Their efforts have resulted in Santa Fe County having the highest large county voter turnout in New Mexico!

  • ensured more people vote by mail or absentee ballot than ever​;

  • installed permanent dropoff ballot boxes, the most per capita of any county in NM.

  • made our county the first to put GPS tracking on all ballot boxes so that they know where every box is at any given time.

  • launched a text-based ballot tracking system that allows voters to get updates on their absentee ballots, so they know when their ballots are received in the County Clerk’s office.

  • increased voter access to polling sites, more polling locations, and provided greater access to the locations for the differently-abled community members. 

Not only did we accomplish the tasks we set out to do in the voting arena but our efforts went beyond the ballot box to: 

  • ​fully digitizing the remaining majority of real estate records, a project begun in 2004. 

  • launched an innovative online self-serve real estate document portal so constituents can access documents remotely at any time day or night. 

  • ​improving and streamlin​ing ​t​he probate process

  • overhaul​i​ng the clerk’s website to be ADA and language compliant — a design that the county has copied for all of its web pages. 


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