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Espinoza: I'm Backing Current Clerk My View Valerie Espinoza

·       May 19, 2024 


In times of rapid technological advancement and growing demands for transparency, the role of county clerk has never been more vital. As a former two-term Santa Fe County clerk, I understand the challenges and responsibilities this position entails. It is from this vantage point of experience and understanding that I embrace the opportunity to endorse and back Katharine E. Clark for her reelection bid, recognizing her outstanding contributions to modernizing our county’s services and her innovations to electoral operations.

Maintaining good relationships with both current and former staff at the Santa Fe County Clerk’s Office has allowed me to stay connected and informed about the ongoing operations and advances within the office. Kudos to Ken for his continued professionalism! It is through these relationships that I’ve been able to observe firsthand the transformative impact of Clark’s leadership.

Her commitment to professionalizing the office has led to more organized and efficient operations, establishing a model of quality that permeates every aspect of her duties. Her dedication to modernization and staff development has been truly impressive and this continued even through COVID-19 hard times. The complete digitization of vital records and the creation of a user-friendly online portal is an example of how she has successfully harnessed technology to enhance service delivery for title companies, Realtors and the public. This initiative not only makes it easier for citizens to access important documents but also streamlines internal processes, making the office more responsive.

Additionally, her focus on staff development ensures her team is not only capable of handling today’s challenges but also prepared for future demands. I am especially impressed with Katharine’s commitment to inclusivity, demonstrated through her efforts to ensure full ADA compliance, which was significant to me when I served in the position. Her leadership in this area shows a deep understanding of the particular needs of individuals. Moreover, I learned at the League of Women Voters’ forum that Clark’s innovative youth outreach initiatives — such as the award-winning “I Voted” sticker contest and the #Democracy101 series — have not only engaged but also educated young people about the democratic process.

These types of programs are vital for fostering a new generation of informed and enthusiastic voters, ensuring the longevity of our democracy, which is scarce at the moment. The combination of these transformative initiatives under her leadership not only improved current operations but has set a foundation for future advancements. Lastly, she has created a knowledgeable and responsive clerk’s office, which aligns perfectly with the expectations of our citizenry, who want and expect rapid election results.

Clark’s continuation of service is essential to sustain the progressive improvements that have characterized her tenure. I am fully confident that as our county clerk, Clark will continue to head in the right direction of implementing initiatives that both anticipate and address the evolving needs of primary and general elections in Santa Fe County.

After all, with threats across the country on poll workers, it doesn’t feel safe being an election official any longer! It is with admiration and respect for Katharine, I urge voters to keep and reelect Clark to a second term. With Clark at the helm, I am confident the office I once held will continue to be a beacon of technological innovation, integrity and knowledge in public service.


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