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Thanks to everyone who's come out to champion my re-election as Santa Fe County Clerk. Your support is much appreciated. My staff and I look forward to continuing to build upon our shared vision of a twenty-first century clerk's office.

Elected Officials

Rep. Tara Lujan

Rep. Matthew McQueen

Rep. Andrea Romero

Rep. Reena Szezpanski

Former Rep. Linda Trujillo

Former Commissioner Mike Anaya

Former Santa Fe County Clerk Becky Bustamante

Former Santa Fe County Clerk & PRC member Valerie Espinoza

County Commissioner Camilla Bustamante

Former Commissioner Rudy Garcia

County Commissioner Anna Hamilton

County Commissioner Hank Hughes

County Commissioner Justin Greene

School Board Member Carmen Gonzales

College Board Member Santa Fe Community College, Lina Germann

School Board Member Kate Noble

Former Santa Fe Mayor Sam Pick

Former City Councilor Patti J. Bushee

Former City Councilor Bill Dimas

Former City Councilor Joanne Vigil Coppler

Former City Councilor Renee Villarreal

Community Members

Mike Archuleta, former Chair Santa Fe Democratic Party, Local 412, Plumbers & Pipefitters (retired)

Steve Fresquez, former deputy BOE from County Clerk

Victoria Murphy, former Chair Santa Fe County Democratic Party

Ray Sandoval, Zozobra Event Chairman

Linda Alvarez

Sharon Argenbright

Oona Bender

Angelique Borrego Herrera

Martina C'debaca

Melissa Coleman

Nina & Alan Courtney

Jennifer Conn

Sloan Cunningham

Barbara Felix & William Finnoff

Yvette Fields

Eric Holmes

Roman Garcia

Kate Kennedy

Denise Lamb, former Santa Fe County Bureau of Elections Director

Joe Loewy

Lisa Martinez

Grace Mayer, Educator

Annie Rasquin

Kathryn Rice

Fabian Trujillo

Garrett VeneKlasen

Geno Zamora

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